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Growing in a field of Datura Flowers

There are few things more fulfilling than training with a teacher that inspires, motivates, and challenges you. One of those things is the blessing to be able to do it over and over again. In July I had the pleasure of training with Rachel Brice at Datura Con 2018, in lovely Seaview Washington, amid a camp of vintage travel trailers.

Michelle, Ruth, Kindle, and Rachel Brice

I've been training with Rachel Brice since 2015 through her 8 Elements™ Intensives. Her instruction has not only been challenging, but the learning culture she has cultivated is incredibly inclusive and encouraging— this is her greatest strength. In her class you feel that it is safe to try new concepts without fear of "messing up"; every attempt is a step on the process of learning and growing. This growth mindset has completely changed how I look at obstacles, inside and outside my dance life.

Sometimes, that lesson gets lost in the everyday hustle, and you just need a gentle reminder of how to live what you know. It's been a blessing to be able to come back into that learning culture through each Phase of the 8 Elements™ and now as a Datura Style Instructor at Datura Con.

Datura Con is a summer camp for Datura Style Instructors, where our focus is on continuing our technique training, improvisation skills, and supporting each other in our endeavors to build our own learning cultures. And let me tell you, it is home away from home.

Four days of dance and conscious connection and support were blissfully spent, and I had a lot to take away with me.

My biggest takeaways were highlights from my own journey in growth mindset— finding those edges in my ability where I can’t quite do what I’m asking my body, but having the patience to know I will get there. I also adored having the ability to collaborate with my fellow teachers, in dance as well as sharing our experiences with each other.

Dreamily gazing

Every time I come back to these series, I find myself feeling More; I have grown since I saw these friends last, yet we've grown together. On the return home I feel rejuvenated and ready to tend to my own practice, students, and my garden of datura flowers.

A new Datura Style series begins September 4th! See you there!


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