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Tribal isn't just a type of dance.

What a fulfilling month of dance! Early this month I completed General Skills and Teacher Training in American Tribal Style® belly dance! I am truly excited to soon have Sister Studio status, which means I will be presenting ATS® faithfully, without fusion elements.

"But wait, do you still perform Tribal fusion?" you may be wondering.

Of course! This past weekend, in fact. Video posted below!

Midtown Tulsa Belly Dance hosted a fabulous workshop with Chandala Shiva and Sherri Wheatley. It was an incredible experience learning from these excellent teachers, and reconnecting with the local Tulsa dance scene! I am thankful to have seen so many familiar faces, and to meet new ones. The workshop show was delightful, with each performer dazzling the senses. I left with a feeling of true contentment and pride for all the hard work and love everyone shared.

Chandala, in addition to teaching workshops, taught Lavender Lotus an exciting choreography to perform at the workshop show. The kicker-- she taught us through livestream classes! We learned the choreography in our own living rooms and put it all together to bring an exciting dance party the stage! We were separated by geographical barriers, but that is nothing that a tribe's dedication can't solve. Our set began with a slow haunting piece created by Chandala, which I learned via her livestream courses! Choreography: Chandala Shiva Music by Stellamara, Costuming Benne Gezeritt Witch.

In the second half of our set Chandala sang and drummed to a track by her band, the Feldthouse Family Band, while we had a little dance party!

This weekend helped me understand more deeply what it means to be a tribal belly dancer. It isn't merely an alternative attitude or a specific dark/moody aesthetic, but rather a deep connection to, and reliance on, Community. We trust each other. We know that we'll show up to class and practice, and push ourselves outside of our comfort zones. We can trust each other to help navigate new situations and unknown unknowns. We'll follow you, lead with you, lend you a costume, work with you through stage fright, anything.

If you're interested in taking an online class with Chandala, check out her Schedule of courses.

Thanks so much for checking in! Stay tuned for more Tulsa dance events and soon, my own class schedule!

Costuming Benne Gezeritt Witch.

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