• Ruth

Winter Workshop-land!

We're so incredibly excited for Midtown Tulsa Belly Dance's Tribal Fusion Workshop Weekend in Tulsa on February 3rd. Chandala Shiva and Sherri Wheatley will be coming for a full weekend of dance classes and a workshop show. Ruth is looking forward to this fun opportunity to learn from Sherri Wheatley for the first time!

Chandala first visited Tulsa two years ago and I'm thrilled she's coming back! Just like last time, in addition to her workshop she is offering a livestream course to teach a fun choreography that will culminate in a performance during the workshop weekend. It's starting next week!! This is my cure for the winter blues! You bet I've made plans to jump on this opportunity and hang out with my local dance friends in the process! There's nothing more that I love than being able to dance with my friends and try new movements from excellent teachers.

Stay tuned for photos and videos of this awesome event, and send us a message if you're interested in joining in!

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